About Us
At Richard's Custom Marine we provide the very best marine workmanship and service for our clients.

About Us

Richard’s Custom Marine is composed of a small number of full time team members supported by seasonal resources during the boating season.

All of our employees have their own boats and are active in the sailing community. ( the younger staff have been involved with their parents boats and sailing schools)

I think it is important to love boats, love boating and love working on the boats. Even after all the years of working on boats I can say that I still enjoy my business and job. It is also important to be involved with boats personally, you find out what works or does not work. If I did not sail my boat and play with my boat, and learn, I would not be as good at my job as I am.

I learn everyday, I know I am one of the best, but not so arrogant as to think I know everything.


Richard Rutsch(Owner)

I have been involved in the marine business since 1971, first on Lake of Bays with a family run business and for the last 21 years here in Port Credit. Hopefully the website will speak to the workmanship and dedication that I commit to my clients' boats and the projects that I do for them. I will not take all the credit. My staff insures that we provide the very best, and I am very grateful for the contribution and expertise they bring to the business.

Rob McVicar(Administration)

Rob is in charge of daily invoicing, the accounts receivable and payable, payroll, keeping us organized and helping with projects when needed.

Guy Perrin(Website Guru)

The website guru. Guy started out working for the business and was a great asset to the business, till his wife made him move back to Ottawa. Guy is missed daily but still is involved with my website.

Kirk Benson(Assistant)

Kirk has been with the business for about 5 years now, and has helped me with our projects and jobs. For those of you that know Kirk, he is very organized and this helps keep projects, the shop, the company truck all very organized.

Glen Richardson(Assistant)

Glen started work with me this summer and has been involved with numerous projects, along with service and shrink wrapping of our clients' boats.