Electrical and Electronics
At Richard's Custom Marine we provide the very best marine workmanship and service for our clients.

My team and I are well known for our electrical repairs and refits. Some jobs are not so large and others are very intensive. In this website you find lots of samples of these projects.

We have over the years installed numerous new electrical panels, some off the shelf like Blue Seas 360 Panels or I have made some with software and had them laser or water jet cut. The laser cut ones are multicoloured as the plate they use is layered with a base colour and they can set the depth of the cut, to just cut through this base layer and then they colour that cut as required, this is time consuming for the engraver, but the panel when done is amazing. and all the holes needed for the breakers and meters are through cut by laser on the same machine according the software file. We have had stainless steel water jet cut to make the electrical panels also, from brushed stainless steel plate.

The advantage to custom cut panels, is I can make them to refit into an existing space and fit like to the original panels did.